3 Essential Ways to Wear Fanny Packs

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Whether you call them fanny packs, bum bags, sling bags or something else entirely, there's no denying the allure of this hands-free accessory. I've built up a pretty impressive collection over the years, with each bag becoming a trusty go-to in tons of different scenarios. From running errands to jetting around the globe, my favorite fanny packs have been by my side for almost every adventure and magical moment.

Made with 100% genuine leather, clever pockets and thoughtful organizational features, these MANDRN fanny packs keep my essentials secure, accessible and stylish wherever I go. Here are the ones I reach for in some of the moments I find myself in most.

1. Best Fanny Pack for Travel days - The Atlas

The Atlas is an over-sized godsend for airport and travel organization. Need to stash your SIM card or emergency Advil? The hidden top-flap pocket has you covered. Sick of panic-digging for your passport or phone every time you get to the front of a line? Secret outer pocket to the rescue. But here's the best part: with its adjustable leather strap, the Atlas offers endless styling possibilities. Wear it as a chic bum bag for hands-free airport navigation, sling it across the body for a casual-cool vibe, or drape it over your shoulder to bring some luxury to your layover.

2. Best Fanny Pack for Everyday Errands - The Remy

The Remy keeps you looking cute and feeling confident, no matter where the day takes you. Perfect for the moments you want to grab your keys, phone, wallet and ‘just go’. With its sleeker, minimal design and medium size, it’s the perfect bag for staying flexible, mobile and organized while running errands or hitting the trails outside. And its adjustable belt strap gives it unbeatable versatility: wear it around the hip for a classic look, across the body for extra security, or over the shoulder for a chic vibe that effortlessly transitions from day to night.

3. Best Fanny Pack for Date Night - The Ziggy

The Ziggy is the star of the multifunctional minimalist show, with tons of different styling options that make it a super versatile wardrobe staple. With four distinct ways to wear it (as a fanny pack, cross-body bag, clutch or standalone belt), you'll never run out of styling options here. The removable belt strap helps you seamlessly transition from casual outings to elegant evenings, going from a laid-back fanny pack to a cute clutch for date nights. The strap also doubles as a stylish belt, instantly elevating any outfit. Despite being the most minimalist MANDRN pack, the Ziggy still fits all your essentials (phone, cards and keys) without adding unnecessary bulk – making it a great bag to pack for vacation, too.

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