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Leather Care

Keep your MANDRN Bag looking fresh


Here are a few mindful tips when you use your new MANDRN bag to keep it in mint condition.

Keep your bag away from water, whether that’s a wet surface, or out of the rain. Leather absorbs moisture, so exposure to a wet surface causes bacteria buildup, which may lead to mould or discolouration.

In the instance where your leather does get wet, always let is dry out naturally. Do not use a hairdryer it will dry out the material or any heat source, or do not dry it out in the sunlight.

Never leave or store your leather bag in the direct sunlight, this will cause the color to lighten and fade.

Always store you leather bag in an unlit area in your room that has good ventilation and kept in a protective dust bag or covering, if possible.

If you are wearing a light coloured leather bag, watch out for dark jeans where the ink may dye your bag.

These are just a few quick and simple tricks to preserve your bags; however, if you want to really extend the life of leather products, you can follow a more detailed routine that includes use of a leather cleaner, waxes or conditioning, and proper storage. See instructions below!


Here’s how to protect your pack before its first wear, to help the newness last:

    • Purchase a leather conditioner or cream. This will moisturize your leather and prevent it from drying out. Leather conditioners are typically lotion-like and should be thoroughly massaged into leather with your fingertips. The leather hide will soak up the conditioner just as your skin would soak up a moisturizer. If your product is made from suede leather, avoid these types of products and see ‘Suede Leather Cleaning’ instructions below.
    • Test it first. When purchasing a leather protector or conditioner, always test it on a small section first. We recommend the back of the strap as a good starting point.
    • Mix in a waterproofing spray. This treatment typically needs to be done once a year, but we like to re-apply the spray after every winter season.
    • Regularly clean with a clean damp cloth. Make sure the cloth is damp, not wet, and is free of chemicals as these may damage the leather. Wipe your bag down this way weekly or monthly. If you do nothing else in the way of care, do this!


A little wear-and-tear is normal, and can lead to a ‘lightly-loved’ look that some of our community prefer. Here are some basic rules to keep your bag looking its best:

    • Use pre-wear protection. We always recommend treating your leather before wearing to make sure it’s protected against the elements.
    • Stay dry. Avoid wearing your leather bag in the rain unless it’s been treated. If your bag is made from suede leather, avoid getting it wet at all. If raindrops come into contact with leather that has not been treated, let it dry naturally. Using heat to dry wet leather can result in leather warping.
    • Keep it cool. Always store your bag in a cool dry place, ideally in a tote or cloth bag while it’s not in use. Keep out of direct sunlight and prolonged heat.
    • Polish & condition. When selecting a polish or conditioner, go neutral. Black polish is a safe option for black leather bags, but for all other colours we recommend going with a white or grey polish solution.
    • Avoid contact with new dark clothes. Try to avoid resting light coloured leather against new dark clothing like jeans, as the colour of the dye may transfer.


Like with any stains, sooner removal is always better. Here are some tips and tricks to remove unwanted stains from your leather:

    • Pen marks: This is one of the trickiest stains to remove from leather. Grab a clean, dry white eraser to erase the mark from your bag. Please note that this will likely also remove some of the leather’s dye. Next, apply leather conditioner to a clean cloth and rub down your entire bag. Leave your bag in a dry space overnight.
    • Grease & oil stains: If grease or oil come into contact with your bag, immediately apply corn starch or talcum powder to the stain and the surrounding area. Wait 15-20 minutes, then grab an old toothbrush and gently rub the stain.
    • Other wear-and-tear spots: Apply leather conditioner to a clean cloth and rub down on the spot and your entire bag. Leave your bag in a dry space overnight.

*If these tricks don’t work for you, we recommend bringing your leather bag to a dry-cleaning professional who might be able to help.


If your leather is suede leather, it requires special care and should not be treated using the methods above. Here’s how to care for your suede leather bag:

    • Buy a suede waterproof protective spray and thoroughly spray your bag before use. Avoid conditioning oils and wax at all costs.
    • Use only a small wire or suede-specific brush to wipe away dirt and grime.
    • Avoid moisture of any kind; keep out of the rain and avoid the use of water when cleaning.
    • Avoid contact with new dark clothing like jeans, as the colour of the dye may transfer.