Our Materials

We’re on the journey 

To us, sustainability is a series of ongoing decisions and steps forward. Our current focus is choosing the most sustainable option wherever we can – whether that be with genuine leather products that follow a closed-loop cycle, or cruelty-free materials that take minimal energy to create. We stand behind slow fashion and for products that last a lifetime, while supporting the fair treatment and local communities of our independent artisan partners.

Made slow to last a lifetime

We’re committed to sourcing leather and leather alternatives made using organic and natural practices with the highest quality and lowest impact.

The difference of MANDRN leather

The leather used in our bags and accessories has been carefully and responsibly sourced since day one. We stand behind the practices we follow – together with our suppliers – to make sure that top-quality, sustainably-sourced leather continues to be the heartbeat of our production. 

Here's how we do things differently.

Creating to continue on. We don’t harm animals to make our bags, instead repurposing leather that would otherwise end up in landfills.

Handmade to last. We design and craft with intention to produce quality leather pieces that are both timeless and seasonless.

Aging like a fine wine. With the proper leather care, our bags take on that classic-leather-with-a-touch-of-vintage look over time.

Our sourcing promise

We’re lifelong learners, which means we’ll always be looking for innovative ways to use the most responsible materials and practices. We’ll also stay conscious of minimizing our waste, and continue re-using scraps from our various collections (like the fanny pack scraps used to make our keychains and wallets) on the never-ending journey towards higher-integrity material.

Carbon Neutral Shipping

In the steps towards a more sustainable MANDRN, we’ve made all our shipments 100% carbon neutral. With the help of our shipping partner, Route, this means that we look at the emissions created from each shipment, then purchase carbon credits needed to offset the same amount (in this case, through planting trees in Brazil). It’s a small step, but one that we’re excited to keep building on as we grow.

Saddle Brown- Pull-up leather

Our rustic Saddle Brown colorway is made with a unique type of pull-up leather for an aged vintage look that increases over time. Unlike our other leathers, this leather features natural color and surface imperfections that add to its rugged charm – and make each bag completely unique. This colorway is not for those who want a perfect bag, but for those who want a bag that ages beautifully and keeps forever.

Pull-up leather is known for its strength and durability, with minimal maintenance required. The natural aging process can help to hide scratches and blemishes, and occasional cleaning with a soft cloth and leather conditioner should do the trick for longevity that lasts. Given the waxy finish, avoid wearing white with your bag until the leather has had time to patina (or develop an naturally oxidized green-brown color) first. 



Wear your bag with pride knowing it supports small, family-run businesses with fair compensation and working conditions.


Using only the highest-quality Javanese & Mexican leather, each bag is handmade by artisans who’ve mastered their craft across generations.


We create classic staples designed to last, using quality materials and neutral shades that never go out of style.

Travel lightly. Move freely. Live intentionally.