Our Materials

Sustainability is a Journey

To us, sustainability is not black and white, and instead is made up of a series of ongoing decisions. We believe in choice, and choosing the most sustainable option for you, whether that be with genuine leather products, that follow a closed-loop cycle and last a longtime, or going with materials that are cruelty-free and take minimal energy to create. One thing we can guarantee is that whichever bag you choose, you are supporting a small business, with artisans who are passionate about what they do and are treated with respect. Slow fashion is what we stand behind.  

Made Slow to Last a Lifetime

We stand committed to sourcing the highest quality leather and leather alternatives following organic and natural practices with the lowest impact.

Why choose MANDRN Leather?

The leather that goes into our bags and accessories has been carefully and responsibly sourced since day one. We stand behind the practices we take together with our suppliers to ensure the highest quality, most sustainably sourced leather remains the heartbeat of our production.

Here's how we do things differently:

Creating to live on

We don’t harm animals to make our bags and instead look to repurpose leather that would otherwise end up in landfills.

Handmade slow to last

We create with intention, introducing timeless, quality leather products that are seasonless in nature.

Ages like fine wine

With the proper leather care, our bags get sweeter with time and take on a classic leather look with a touch of vintage finish. Who says worn has to go out of style?

Our Promise

As a promise to you and the very nature which we come from, we are always seeking to learn and innovate so that we can offer the most responsible materials and practices. Alongside this we remain conscious of minimizing our waste, searching for the most responsible materials and seeking to re-use deadstock scraps from our various collections. We rely on the very same leather scraps from our signature fanny packs to create various other categories including our key chains and mini sized wallets. To us material integrity is just as important. 

Carbon Neutral Shipping

In the steps towards a more sustainable MANDRN, we’ve made all our shipments 100% carbon neutral. With the help of our shipping partner, Route, this means that we look at the emissions created from each shipment, then purchase carbon credits needed to offset the same amount (in this case, through planting trees in Brazil). It’s a small step, but one that we’re excited to keep building on as we grow.



Wear your bag with pride knowing it supports a small, family-run business with fair compensation and working conditions.


Using only the highest quality Javanese & Mexican leather, each bag is handmade by local artisans who have mastered their craft over generations.


We believe in conscious fashion. Classic staples designed to last will always be in style, and are what we strive for with each MANDRN creation. 

Travel light. Move freely. Live positively.