Our Suppliers

“At MANDRN, not only do we place the highest importance on the quality of your leather goods but also the process of how we get there together, in partnership with our artisanal friends turned family from around the globe.”

Artisan-made, made with love

Part of maintaining our circular love model means valuing the work of each of our suppliers, treating them with a compassionate heart and leading with friendship from day one. We started as a small business and believe in the power of keeping high-touch, quality relationships with all the family led suppliers behind MANDRN, especially as we grow.

Our Origins

While MANDRN started as a dream in Bali, our vision has extended to partner with family-run, micro-manufacturers around the world who specialize in fine quality leather and leather alternatives. Supporting local communities remains a huge part of our mission, and we are so proud to work with Balinese and Mexican artisans who have been perfecting their craft across generations and lifetimes.



Wear your bag with pride knowing it supports a small, family-run business with fair compensation and working conditions.


Using only the highest quality Javanese & Mexican leather, each bag is handmade by local artisans who have mastered their craft over generations.


We believe in conscious fashion. Classic staples designed to last will always be in style, and are what we strive for with each MANDRN creation. 

Travel light. Move freely. Live positively.