Leather Care

Keep it Buttery Smooth (Daily Care)

Here’s how to keep your leather buttery smooth and en route to age like fine wine. It’s all part of the timeless finish and our leather care techniques are meant to offer a lifetime of fun and play with your MANDRN leather. 

- Don't forget to stay hydrated but keep water away from your genuine leather. Okay, we get it. Sometimes its hard to control spontaneous moments of dancing in the rain at a music festival or just chasing the day wherever it may take you. If your MANDRN leather does get wet we always recommend letting it dry out naturally without the help of a hairdryer, or any other source of heat, including sunlight. 

- We think sunshine is essential and the recipe for the perfect day. Except when it comes to storing your leather. As a best practice store your leather in a cool, dark place away from direct sunlight and keep it in a pouch, protective dust bag or inside our cotton reusable bag for extra protection. 

- Canadian tuxedos are a forever mood, and honestly anything with denim is a vibe. While rocking this look watch out for your leather bag around denim or dark colors that easily stain especially with our lighter shades of leather. The ink may go onto your bag so its best to keep a safe distance. 

- Keep up the cleaning party on the regular with a damp cloth. Make sure the cloth is damp, not wet, and is free of chemicals as these may damage the leather. Wipe your bag down this way weekly or monthly. If you do nothing else in the way of care, do this!

These are just a few quick and simple daily tricks to preserve your bag. To follow a more detailed routine that includes use of a leather cleaner, waxes or conditioning, and proper storage. See instructions below!

Pack Protection (Pre-wear)

So you got your first pack – AKA the new everyday essential you’ll never leave home without.

What should you do before your first wear? 

  • Just like with a new pair of jeans, it’s normal for leather dye to loosen and transfer to other materials – especially in the beginning. The first few times you wear your new bag, we recommend wiping it down with a lightly water-damp cloth before each use to catch any dye that might’ve loosened. Even then, color transfer is always possible. If you’ve gone for one of our darker bags, avoid wearing light clothing and the rain until your bag is properly worn-in. For our Bone colorway and lighter-colored bags, avoid dirt, rain and dark clothes to avoid picking up dye or stains. 
  • To keep things looking buttery-soft and fresh, we also recommend buying a quality leather conditioner or cream. Since leather conditioners are often lotion-like, it’s best to massage the conditioner directly onto the bag in a circular motion using a microfiber cloth, letting it fully soak in and absorb before your first or next use. Don't forget to test a small section before you commit (the back of the strap is a great place to start).
  • Double up on protection with a waterproof leather-protectant spray. This treatment typically needs to be done once a year, but we like to re-apply the spray after every winter season just to be safe.

Loving Your Leather (Stain Removal)

From accidental rosé drips to a strawberry slip, stains are often a sign of good times. While we'll never get in the way of your fun we always recommend removing stains as soon as possible. Here are some tips and tricks to remove unwanted stains from your leather for maximum leather love!

- Wear-and-tear spots: Apply leather conditioner to a clean micro-fibre cloth and rub down on the spot and your entire bag. Leave your bag in a dry space overnight.

- Pen marks: This is one of the trickiest stains to remove from leather. Grab a clean, dry white eraser to erase the mark from your bag. Please note that this will likely also remove some of the leather’s dye. Next, apply leather conditioner to a clean microfibre cloth and rub down your entire bag. Leave your bag in a dry space overnight.

- Grease & oil stains: If grease or oil come into contact with your bag, immediately apply corn starch or talcum powder to the stain and the surrounding area. Wait 15-20 minutes, then grab an old toothbrush and gently rub the stain.

If these tricks don’t work for you, we recommend bringing your leather bag to a dry-cleaning professional who might be able to help.



Wear your bag with pride knowing it supports a small, family-run business with fair compensation and working conditions.


Using only the highest quality Javanese & Mexican leather, each bag is handmade by local artisans who have mastered their craft over generations.


We believe in conscious fashion. Classic staples designed to last will always be in style, and are what we strive for with each MANDRN creation. 

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