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3 Reasons The Atlas Fanny Pack Is The Ultimate Mom Bag

Posted by Mataya Winter on

To say that moms are always on the go – juggling a million things while making sure little ones are happy and cared for – is a huge understatement. Our Atlas fanny packs were designed to make lives easier and more chic, and we can’t think of anyone more deserving of stylish support than the women (and men) carrying the world on their shoulders. Here’s our top three reasons the Atlas fanny pack is the ultimate mom (and parent) bag, and why you should take the leap.

1. Keeps your hands free for whatever the day throws your way (your mini-me included)

One of the biggest benefits of the Atlas fanny pack is the flexibility it provides. With a fanny pack, your hands stay free to do the million things you need them to do – whether that’s wiping food off their face, pushing a stroller, holding their hand or carrying groceries. It doesn’t weigh you down like a traditional shoulder bag, and its comfortable, adjustable strap means you can wear it around your waist or across your chest. Which means easy access to all the essentials you need in a pinch, while your hands stay free for the important stuff.

2. Doubles as a diaper (or toy, or snack) bag

Gone are the days of lugging around a bulky diaper bag. The Atlas fanny pack is the perfect solution for moms who need to carry baby essentials, but want to travel light and without compromising on style. Despite being compact, it has enough space to fit diapers, wipes and even a few toys and snacks. Whether you’re headed to the park, running errands or going for a walk, the Atlas keeps you covered and prepared for those on-the-go (oopsie) moments.

3. Sneaky compartments made just for mom

Moms need a place for their own stuff too, and we’ve kept this front of mind with the Atlas’ design. This fanny pack features cleverly-designed compartments that keep your belongings organized and easily accessible. There’s a hidden pocket for your phone, a secure spot to attach your keys, and even an extra-small pocket to store Advil, small jewelry or anything else you don’t want your little one finding. These dedicated spaces keep your essentials safe and within instant reach, so you can skip digging through your bag and focus on enjoying time with (or without) your little one instead.

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3 Fanny Packs For Any Festival Experience

Posted by Mataya Winter on

As festival season kicks into high gear, so does our obsession for festival fashion. Whether it’s the desert for Coachella or a local art and music event, spring and summer are packed with opportunities to show off your unique style in a crowd. Looking cute is a must, but combining cute with functional is the best way to get the most from your outfit and your experience. To help, we've put together a quick festival essentials guide with our top three must-have leather fanny packs – each bringing serious style and on-the-go organization to whatever your event lineup looks like.

The Atlas – For the ‘overprepared’ MVP

There’s one in every friend group: some might call them overprepared, but most of us lovingly call them the most underrated MVP. If you’re this person (or want to be), the Atlas is for you. Need to stash your festival tickets, emergency Advil or Vitamin C packets? The hidden top-flap pocket has you covered. Tired of panic-digging for your phone or wallet every time you need it? Secret outer pocket to the rescue. With an oversized banana shape, this pack fits your disposable camera, makeup, granola bar, handheld fan and more (your friends will want to kiss you). And the best part? With its adjustable leather strap, the Atlas offers endless styling possibilities. Wear it as a bum bag for hands-free dancing, or sling it over your shoulder to add a touch of chic luxury to any festival outfit.


The Remy – For the ‘less is more’ babe

The Remy keeps you looking cute and feeling confident no matter where the festival takes you. It’s ideal for moments when you need to grab your essentials – phone, wallet and sparkles (obviously) – with a sleek, minimal design that keeps you flexible, mobile, and organized amidst the festival chaos. With an adjustable belt strap, the Remy offers unbeatable versatility: wear it around the hip for easy access while dancing, across the body for added security in crowds, or over the shoulder for a casual-chic vibe as you explore the grounds. She’s our go-to for a streamlined, stylish and hassle-free festival experience – and we have a feeling she’ll be yours too.


The Ziggy – For the California-cool minimalists

Looking to emulate that effortless, light-touch L.A. look? Then the Ziggy pack is for you. Despite being the most minimal MANDRN pack, the Ziggy fits all your essentials (phone, cards, and keys) without adding unnecessary bulk to your hands-free festival adventures. With four distinct ways to wear her – as a fanny pack, cross-body bag, clutch, or standalone belt – you'll never run out of new ways to accessorize your festival fits or switch up your style. Bonus: the removable belt strap can also be worn as a belt, which you can match with the (now) standalone clutch for a touch of cowgirl-chic.

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3 Essential Ways to Wear Fanny Packs

Posted by Mataya Winter on

Call it a fanny pack, a belt bag, or a sling bag, there's no denying the allure of this hands-free accessory. Over the years, I've built up quite a collection, each one serving me well in different settings. From running errands to jet-setting across the globe, my trusted fanny packs have been by my side through it all.
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