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Copy of Why Pre-Order?

On our continuous journey towards more sustainable business practices, we are committed to closely managing production levels around new product launches to ensure we’re doing everything in our power to minimize our environmental footprint.

This approach has us excited for a few different reasons:

  1. It’s great for our planet. Over-production leads to waste, which is a huge issue in the fashion industry. By only producing the products and quantities necessary, businesses can help ensure less waste ends up in landfills and fewer harmful emissions are produced. For MANDRN, this practice allows us to produce more of what our community and the planet want, and less of what they don't.
  2. We can focus on delivering more of what you want. We do our best to design timeless and versatile pieces that work for everyone, but there’s always a chance we might miss the mark. With this on-demand approach, you tell us what you want and we create it. Simple as that. It allows us to gauge which styles our community loves most, and design future collections accordingly.
  3. We reduce costs, and you save money. On-demand production means that we can reduce our production costs, and in turn, offer incentivized savings on new collection must-haves. Translation: you get the same high-quality designs, but at a lower price with your pre-order discount. Talk about a win-win.
  4. It encourages team efficiency. We are a small team working with small-business suppliers, so working to produce large (and sometimes partially unused) quantities can mean our efficiency and output takes a hit. With your help in forecasting demand more accurately we can avoid wasted labour and materials, and help small businesses thrive in the process.

Thank-you for helping us stay true to our values by supporting the ethical, slow and responsible production of each MANDRN bag. Our team (and our planet) are incredibly grateful, and we are continually inspired to keep creating pieces that look good while doing better.