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After making the decision to leave behind the comforts of home in Vancouver, MANDRN’s founder Kelly packed her bags and headed to Bali to pursue a life inspired by the freedom of new beginnings.

After settling into local life in Bali (think scooter transport, weekend travel and a constant day-to-night hustle) Kelly realized it was nearly impossible to find a functional yet timeless travel bag that was also ethically made and sustainably produced. Empowered by her new community and ever-changing surroundings, she decided to take matters into her own hands and create one herself.

The story of MANDRN is one of local inspiration, communities brought together by a common quest and the creativity that follows when you pursue your wildest dreams. Proof that function and style can co-exist as one, MANDRN’s story comes to life through timeless and versatile designs that keep your essentials close (and your hands free) from day ‘til night.

At MANDRN, we’re committed to supporting to the local community who first helped make our dreams a reality. Each bag is handcrafted with love by incredible Balinese artisans working for small, family-run businesses that support fair-trade and ethical production – further supporting our goal of connecting businesses with artisans around the globe. Together with our continuous journey towards more sustainable business practices, the purchase of each MANDRN bag means you can look great while doing even better.

Above all, MANDRN encourages an easy-living mindset with timeless creations designed for everyone, everywhere, every day. We hope our community is inspired to live a life where they are free to be themselves, and to follow their hearts down whatever path they choose to take.